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In order to confirm the location of your assets at year-end or as needed, use the free Property mobile scanning app that is compatible with iPods, iPhones and iPads. As you move from room to room, use the device camera to scan item bar codes. The app will record the scan date verifying that the item is where it belongs; it will also display missing items for that location. Enter notes about the item condition if desired and then easily submit scanned items to the main Property database for reconciliation or transfer to a different location if needed.

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Use the bar codes on our demo sheet with the Property scanning app. Try it for free today!

Property can be used to track any of your assets including:

* Athletic Equipment such as portable hoops, track equipment, mats

* Audio/Visual/Electronics such computers, monitors, video cameras

* Classroom Equipment & Supplies such as projectors, smart boards, remotes

* Facilities such as phones, ladders, radios, water coolers

* Food Service such as coffee makers, portable coolers

* Furniture such as tables, desks, book cases, chairs

* Outdoor Equipment such as garden equipment, picnic tables, recycling bins

* And More!

Property has many valuable features including:

  •   Accurate and simple asset management
  •   Track the current location and historical location of any asset
  •   Included iPod, iPad, & iPhone scanning app
  •   Automatic audit of all changes to assets
  •   Easy disposal process
  •   Associate documents and photos for fast retrieval
  •   Web based software can be accessed anywhere
  •   Reports that can be exported to PDF or Excel for straight-forward analysis

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